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Scott Hooper- The Unlimited Potential in Every Kid

September 16, 2017

I’m glad you found our podcast.  And I am honored that you’ve joined us for this pilot episode.  I value honesty, so I will be honest right out of the gate.  Even as I am recording this I know that this podcast is kind of like a big pot of gumbo. 

A lot of ingredients go into it, it’s a slow process and takes a lot of time to make it good, and it starts tasting better after it sits a while.

Well, in this episode, I want to lay the ingredients out on the table before we throw them in the pot.  Just what is inspire a kid and what is this podcast about?

Inspire a Kid is kind of a shift in thinking. Not a statement of what is, but certainly what should be. The underlying philosophy here is that I believe every kid has value, every kid has untapped potential and every kid has something uniquely special about them that makes them great.

What would happen if every child was inspired to greatness? What if every kid could believe that they could be notable, remarkable, outstanding, distinctive, important, AND significant? —I think we could make a positive impact on a global culture in one generation.

The problem is that many children are marginalized or worse.  I get sick when I hear stories of kids caught in situations of trafficking, abuse, neglect, poverty, war and human corruption that takes everyone’s “rights” into consideration except the innocent—the children who would never choose the unhealthy or deadly situations that adults put them in.

When a child dies, literally or figuratively, her potential dies with her.  What a waste!

I believe that there is unlimited potential for greatness in every child, regardless of gender, race, religion, economic opportunities (or lack of them), regardless of culture, health condition, ability or mental acuity.  Every child has unlimited, untapped potential for doing something great. Doing that one thing that shifts the axis a bit and hopefully charts a better course for humanity.

Unlimited potential.  I always think of seeds.  I don’t know if you are a gardener, but I love gardening.  Strike that.  I love the idea of gardening.  When you plant a seed and a plant grows and it produces something useful, something you want, something that feeds the family or community… That is a really cool thing.  I don’t like the hard work of gardening, the weeding, the pruning, the tilling up the ground, the bugs and a host of other things that make it not so fun, but if Inspire a Kid is telling the story of seeds being planted, so to speak, then I also hope we address the harder questions too, of “what do I need to do to make this thing grow?” 

It doesn’t do much good to stare at a handful of potential food and think, “Wow such good seed.”  Nor does it do much good to observe the unlimited potential in our kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, our classroom, our team, our troop, our pupil or any other place we interact with kids, and not get them where they need to be.  Not get them to a place where their potential can begin to be fully realized.

There’s a saying that’s been around for a while that I will demolish here but it goes something like, “The correct question is not ‘How many acorns are on the oak tree?’, but, ‘How many trees are in one acorn?’”

I hope that Inspire a Kid and the Inspire a kid podcast will help our culture ask the right question.

Part of the Inspire a Kid framework is based on core human values…. that there are core human values which could and should be common in every culture that are the basis for strong children, families and communities. These values are our lens through which we hope will encourage kids to live their important, distinctive and significant lives. Our values list in alphabetical order are:

















This may sound somewhat familiar to you who were in scouting.  As I was developing the Inspire a Kid values philosophy, I realized that the Boy Scouts had been teaching basic human values for 100 years and listed them in the 12 points of the Scout Law.  As an Eagle Scout these had become a part of my vocabulary.  Religious teachings for thousands of years have pointed to these things and in many cases is what has held the societies together.

So the whole “Inspire a Kid” ecosystem that we are developing and the Inspire a Kid Podcast which is a piece of that I hope will challenge the global narrative “that kids are less than” by telling the stories of inspiring kids, the kid influencers who positively inspire kids, and the adults who were inspired to be great as kids. We will tell the stories of people who exemplify global human values so that we can move from “values theory” into action.

So thanks for partnering with us and listening as Inspire a Kid becomes an intentional, international movement designed to unveil the hidden unlimited potential in every kid.

We are about INSPIRING KIDS TO GREATNESS!  Who are you inspiring today?

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